Skin Rejuvenation in White Plains, NY

As people age, three distinct things happen:

1) Their fat distribution changes, so that efforts to keep their body thin results in an accentuation of the loss of subcutaneous fat on their face. This is treated by injectable fillers or fat.

2) Their skin stretches and sags, which, when it cannot be camouflaged by fillers or fat, needs surgical correction by tightening muscles and removing excess skin.

3) The effects of genetics and sun damage cause both fine lines and wrinkles in association with the appearance of a dry, dull surface texture. Even if volume is replaced and the skin and muscles tightened, the appearance of the skin, itself, must be corrected if a youthful result is to be achieved. This can be done either in combination with surgery or as a treatment regimen, by itself, and can be started at any age when the undesirable effects are noted.

Dr. Reiffel and his staff provide a wide range of services designed to prevent or reverse the effects of sun damage, acne and aging on the skin. We offer patients many different products that contain Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acid, two active ingredients proven effective in reducing or eliminating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, pigmented lesions, acne and more. These ingredients help exfoliate dead skin cells and stimulate collagen production, allowing the surface of the skin to appear fuller and more youthful, and eliminating worries about the appearance of the skin. A specialized laser can be used for vascular or pigmented lesions, as well.

Dr. Reiffel also uses a “micro” needle to inject miniscule droplets of RestylaneR directly into fine lines with a needle that is so small it needs to be done under high power magnification. This can even help tiny “smoker’s lines” of the upper lip and other similar lines around the mouth and forehead be minimized. Each patient presents with different issues, so each treatment regimen needs to be customized for the particular problems at hand. It takes experience to know what is best for each patient and that experience is what you will get from Dr. Reiffel.

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